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Uptime Magazine Article: Making It In A High Frequency World

Striving for high frequency industrial accelerometers.

"As predictive maintenance teams in industrial facilities strive for a more complete picture of their equipment’s health, high frequency vibration measurements have become a crucial addition for identifying faults, such as motor and pump bearing defects and gear tooth inconsistencies in high-speed gearboxes. As a result, there is an upsurge in demand for vibration sensors with a high frequency response."


- excerpt from Uptime Magazine, Feb-Mar Issue, Making It In A High Frequency World by Meredith Christman

This insightful article by Meredith Christman, Product Marketing Manager for IMI Sensors, covers the theory of high frequency, as well as the factors necessary and advances in accelorometer technology to achieve these high frequency measurements.

Download and read the full article here.


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